National Child Passenger Safety Week

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Parents and caregivers are the ultimate example when it comes to car safety. Wear your seat belt and set the example for your little ones!

  1. Rear-facing is the safest position anyone can ride in. It is important to have your little ones riding rear-facing for as long as possible. This position provides the head and spine with ultimate support and most car seats can stay rear-facing until about 40 pounds!
  2. For kids around ages 2-4, forward-facing car seats are appropriate. A 5-point harness will give them more support in a crash than just a seat belt!
  3. Booster seats are appropriate for kids ages 4-8+. Make sure to keep kids in a 5-point harness for as long as their seat will allow before making the transition to a booster seat. Until the kids reach 4'9" or the seat belt fits them appropriately, keep them in a booster seat.
  4. Is your child big enough to use a seat belt? When sitting in the seat with their back and bum against the back of the seat, their knees should bend over the seat front and feet should touch the floor. The seat belt should fit low over their hip bones and come across the middle of their shoulder. The shoulder belt should not be put under their arm or placed behind them!

Nurse Dani from Intermountain Moms shares some car seat safety tips HERE.

Still have questions about car seat safety? Contact your local health department or find a Child Passenger Safety Technician near you!