Tips for Baby Proofing Your Home


Invest in a good baby gate

There are going to be a lot of baby gates out there on the market. Take the time to look for a baby gate that is GOOD and safe. You don’t want to buy a baby gate that is not put together well. Baby gates work well at the top and bottom of stairs to keep babies from getting hurt. This is an investment you will want to make.

Keep cleaning supplies up high

It is amazing how quickly babies can get into things. Once they start crawling, everything is fair game. That is where keeping your cleaning products up high, comes in. Most homes put their cleaning products under the sink. This is something you will want to change after kids.

Bolt dressers and big equipment to the wall

A lot of parents have yet to do this in their homes but it is an important one. When you’re not looking your kids can climb on their dresser or on any other piece of furniture and it can quickly come crashing down on them. By bolting furniture to the wall, you can potentially save their life.

Cover up the electric plug ins.

It can be so inconvenient to need to do this, but it is also a big safety hazard. You can buy plugs to put into the outlets to keep your baby out of them. It can be concerning for kids to crawl around on the floor and put their finger in an electric outlet. Never mind how inconvenient putting these little plastic covers, in and out can be, it’s an important part of baby proofing.

Keep dangers out of baby’s reach

Perhaps one of the most important parts of baby proofing a home is to keep potential dangers out of baby’s reach. In all honesty, when your first baby is born, you will spend a good amount of time following them around trying to keep the baby out of harm’s way. There is no shame in being a little overprotective at first. As time goes on, I promise you will become less and less protective.

What tips do you have for baby proofing your home?