Keeping Active During the Winter

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​The holidays are usually full of rushing around and family parties. The new year can bring busy schedules, extra calories, and colder weather…a potential recipe for weight gain. Making physical activity after the holiday season just as important as it is on New Year’s Day when personal commitments to goals are made.  

This year, try including festive activities such as ice skating at the indoor/outdoor rink, snowshoeing or cross country skiing in the fresh snow, building a snowman with friends or family (it’s ​not just for kids!), going sledding at the park, most of all move every day.  

If you are not up for a day outside there are plenty of indoor activities the family can enjoy. Here is link of a few indoor winter activities​ everyone can enjoy. 

All of these activities are good ways of staying healthy and active and may just aid in decreasing the mounting stress of those busy schedules and help achieve you personal health goals.