Four Cornerstones to Healthier Habits

​Proper nutrition is critical to good health.  One of the easiest ways to get started is by using my plate.  This reinforces a balance of macronutrients with emphasis on eating regular meals, portion control, varieties of foods and colors, and an overall emphasis on increasing intake of vegetables.  This method entails one serving of a lean protein, carbohydrate, fruit, vegetable, and low- fat dairy at each meal. 

Studies indicate that exercise seems to be the single most important lifestyle intervention we can do to maintain our health and wellness. It is important that all of us get 30-60 min of cardio exercise most or every day of the week.  Cardio exercises include walking, swimming, jogging, or cycling as well as many others and are necessary to keep a healthy heart and body.  To create a healthy habit here, just get started.  Walk if you are not walking. Strength train a couple of times a week to maintain good muscle and bone health as well as improve our overall metabolism.

Sleep and stress management are also crucial to good health.  Start with getting nutrition and exercise in check and sleep and stress management often follow suit as nutrition and exercise both play a key role in achieving better mental health, stress management, and improved sleep habits. If any of these cornerstones remain out of balance, get into your physician or a local LiVe Well Center and let a team of healthcare professionals help identify your needs and align your goals to help with your success.

Rina Lister, RN, MS, HM
LiVe Well Center- SLC