Regrouping After the Holidays

regrouping after the holidays

Below are some ways we can regroup after the holidays:

  1. Ditch the extra food. Don’t feel guilty if you let this food go to waste, just throw it away. Food is always going to exist and it is more important to focus on your health. Holiday foods are typically high in fat, sugar, and calories and low in nutrients, anyway.
  2. Avoid the slippery slope. We often justify eating more food because “it’s the holidays.” While it is important to enjoy the holidays and what comes with it, we can’t justify consistently overeating every day. When you are going to eat, assess how you are feeling and if you are really hungry or just bored, stressed, tired, or simply craving food.
  3. Ditch the guilt. It won’t help if you are beating yourself up over all the bad foods you ate over the holidays. Just move on and start making healthier food and lifestyle choices. Tomorrow is a new day!
  4. Make realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by shooting for the moon. Start by making realistic goals and changes that will help you eat healthier and be more physically active. This could be as simple as eating fruit instead of holiday snacks or walking around the block when you feel the urge to eat when you are nut hungry.
Take home message: Don’t be discouraged – you are not alone when it comes to overeating during the holidays. The new year provides a great opportunity to reassess your eating and exercise habits and achieve those goals.