A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish

climbing goals

It’s that time again -- a new year!  With every New Year our minds start focusing on goals and resolutions we wish to accomplish in the coming months. For many, those goals will center on health and fitness.  Gyms will be full, fridges will be stocked with healthy foods, and the latest fitness tracker will be on our wrists.

But if your goal is to lose weight, or get into better shape, what is your plan to accomplish these goals? It has been said that “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” The Intermountain LiVe Well Center can take your wishes and help create a plan to accomplish your goals.

A good plan is created with the good data and the LiVe Well Center has two tests that will give you important data in reaching your weight loss or fitness goals.

Body Composition

A scale can’t tell the difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat.  That’s why it’s better to measure your body composition rather than weight. We use the BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System—the Practical Gold Standard—to measure body composition. The analysis will determine your:

  • Certified body weight               
  • Body fat percentage  
  • Total lean body mass


Understanding the proper balance between lean and fat mass is essential for optimal health and fitness. This test will give you a starting point for your goals and we will show you ways to increase your lean mass and reduce body fat.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Understanding your body’s metabolic rate is vital in order reach your weight loss and fitness goals.  An RMR test determines the amount of calories or energy you need to function while at rest. Once you know your metabolic rate you can

                • Calculate your caloric intake to maintain or lose weight 

                • Calculate how many calories you burn during exercise


With your results we can develop a plan to effectively use your metabolism and regulate your dietary intake. You will know how many calories you need to eat to safely reach your weight loss goals.

These tests will make your gym time more meaningful, food choices more valuable, and fitness tracker more effective. You will not only have important information about your body, but a plan to achieve your fitness goals.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year and better health in 2015.

The Intermountain LiVe Well Center - Salt Lake is located at 389 S 900 E in Salt Lake City. To schedule an appointment for a  Body Composition or RMR test please call 385-282-2700.