Runners are Winning with Wearables at CES 2015


Both and other similar technologies this year are gearing towards helping fitness enthusiast perform their sport safely and more effectively. Hey, maybe it really will help you run faster and jump higher.

Let’s get down to the details. Many runners are familiar with Road ID, and if you aren’t you should be familiar with a runner identification option. The latest we’ve spotted coming out of CES 2015 is another medical identification player called, EPIC-id. Runners should be wearing identifiable information in the case of an accident while road running. Safety information should include personal contact information and anything an EMT may need to know upon arrival with medical conditions.

EPIC-id offers a simple and easy solution that allows users to enter their data in via a USB connection right from the wristband. The data is easily retrievable by emergency providers by simply inserting the USB into their laptops on location. We like the direction this device is going based on the amount of information users can add - several pages versus five small lines. Not to mention…. super easy to understand.

The other technology is gear aimed at teaching, or maybe just helpful hints, runners and walkers ways to perfect their form. Sensoria falls in the realm of “smart garments,” but to most that doesn’t mean much. In plain language, Sensoria offers a pair of socks that can train you based on woven sensors and an application output. While running or walking you can see stride, cadence, and gait. You can correct cadence in real-time by programming your preferences before the run. Real-time training at its best.

There are many, many, many… other form training solutions on the floor (Under Armour, iFit, etc.) we liked the idea of personal improvement and the ability to train others. We’ll be at CES 2015 for a few more days, so stay tuned for more innovative technologies. In the meantime, check out our Pinterest board with all things CES.

Do you run or train with devices similar to these? We’d like to hear about your experience with them.