#SeatBeltSelfieUT Photo Contest Aims to Reduce Deaths and Injuries on Utah Roadways


Here’s how.

Next time you get behind the wheel, and before you start your car, take a moment to buckle up (and assure all other passengers are buckled up, too). Once buckled, take a selfie of you sporting your seatbelt and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SeatBeltSelfieUT.

Or you can email it to imcpublicrelations@imail.org

Every Wednesday and Friday in May, one winner will be randomly selected to win a pair of movie tickets or a Zero Fatalities t-shirt.  

REMEMBER: Do NOT take your #SeatBeltSelfieUT while driving!

“No matter how talented the physician, there are some injuries that cannot be fixed,” said Mark Stevens, MD, medical director of Intermountain Medical Center Trauma Program. “Help us save lives by always buckling up and keeping focused on the road.”

NOTE: By submitting your photo on a social media channel and tagging it with #SeatBeltSelfieUT, or emailing it to imcpublicrelations@imail.org, you are giving Intermountain Healthcare permission to share those photos to promote seat belt use.