Smart Snacking While Traveling: Four Tips to Make Your Vacation Traveling as Tasty – and Healthy – as Possible


While people tend to be more active when they’re traveling, they also tend to eat less nutritious foods. Here are some tips to stay on track while you’re away from home:

Anticipate Snacks

Snacking is going to happen if you plan for it or not – so don’t leave your decision up to chance! Make sure to include plenty of protein and fiber so you feel more satisfied. 

Here are good choices that I'd recommend you include:

  • Portable fruit: clementines, apples, bananas, dried fruit, unsweetened applesauce, fruit cups (in juice or water).
  • Portable vegetables: carrots, celery sticks, snap peas, sliced peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, or cherry tomatoes.
  • Rice cakes, pretzels, whole grain crackers, or light popcorn.
  • Unsalted nuts, roasted edamame, natural peanut butter (for crackers or vegetables), bring a small cooler for low fat string cheese or light yogurt. 

Keep Snacking in Check 

When traveling, snacks are too readily available because they are within arms-reach. Putting snacks in individual bags instead of eating out of the box or container will naturally help you cut down on the amount that you are eating. Also, try keeping all the snacks together in a closed container so it takes more effort to get to them. Like at home, keep set snack times so you can stay on a schedule. 

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

You’ll feel so much better if you stay hydrated, so also plan for more stops! Bring an individual water bottle for yourself and for everyone traveling with you. Hunger is easily mistaken for thirst, so you may find yourself reaching for more snacks when you aren’t drinking enough water. Also, try to steer clear of juice, soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Take gum or mints

Chewing gum or sucking on a mint isn’t just for bad breath… but it also doubles as a treat deterrent. Traveling can be boring and people snack when they’re bored. If you are chewing gum, you aren’t chewing something else. Also, that minty flavor doesn’t taste as good when mixed with sugar (think orange juice and toothpaste), so you’re less likely to keep eating those sweet treats.