Myth Busters: Exercising 30 Minutes After Sitting All Day Makes Me "Active"


Recommendations for physical activity go hand-in-hand with the rest of your day. If you are up and moving, then 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity is probably good. But if you sit at a computer screen or desk most of the day, you need to up the ante.

You can “work out at work” – take stretch breaks every 30 to 60 minutes, or incorporate some desk exercises such as wall squats, desk marches, or chair dips. Even better, instead of standing in a line for lunch, spend that first 10 minutes of your break taking a brisk walk before you eat a packed meal from home. You can find ideas at

It’s also important to just get up and move regularly. Stand up to listen to conference calls. Walk to the far printer in the office. Visit someone’s desk rather than call them on the phone. Schedule a walking meeting. Find an excuse to move every half hour or so during your work day.

You can also start out your day with exercise. If you don’t want to hit the gym before going to the office, try turning your commute into exercise. Bike or walk to work. Or park farther out if you have to drive. If you are worried about losing time, just make one of your numerous follow-up phone calls as you walk in.

After work, model active behavior for your kids. Try listening to a good book while walking around the neighborhood or go for a family walk. And did you know, a brisk walk after dinner helps with digestion, and subsequently makes it easier to fall asleep at bed time?

There are lots of options … just try something new. You can find more ideas at the link above, or by following us on Twitter at @Intermountain.