Simple Ways to Inspire the Holiday Spirit


It takes energy to heal from a sickness or disease—energy that may have been used to shop for gifts, cook a holiday meal, or travel to be with family. Having less of the ability to follow a normal routine can lead to sadness instead of joy and anxiety instead of peace. But take heart because this is also a season of hope. Here are three surefire ways to ignite your holiday spirit.

  1. Hand write a card or letter to someone you care about or who has been helpful during your illness. Be creative. People generally love surprises so think of people that may not expect a note from you. Don’t worry about perfect form or prose. Write from the heart—short and sweet.


  1. Make that call! Conversing with family and/or friends can brighten your day. Connect face to face with your loved ones by using Facetime or Skype. You don’t need a smartphone; Skype works on most computers and tablets.


  1. Listen to uplifting seasonal music. Attend a live musical or theatrical program. Read a book to a child. Build a gingerbread house. Light a candle. Once you start it is most likely that your enthusiasm will grow.


Sometimes we have to let go of what has been so we can embrace what is and focus on new ways to invite the peace, joy, and love of the holiday season. Who knows, discovering unique ways to celebrate may even lead to new traditions.