4 Ways to Destress After Work


Most of use commute some distance to work, whether it be 5 minutes or an hour. This is prime time to decompress and find peace before ending each day. 

You can use this time to transition mentally and emotionally from work to home.  Here is a short meditation you can practice to focus on the positives of the day and leave work at work.

Beginning now by following the sensations of the breath for a few moments…and now, contemplating:

As I leave work, I know that what is done is finished. 

This I did well today…

This is one good quality in me…

This made me smile…

This I am looking forward to…


As I leave work,

I imagine laying down the burdens I carry

As easily as setting down a satchel.

Feeling lighter,

I rest and offer myself good wishes.


May I be safe.

May I be happy.

May I be healthy.

May I live with ease.


Other Ways to Handle Work Related Stress


  • Take 5: Everyone can benefit from a short break. It can be simple, just stand up at your desk and stretch or take a walk about the office. It’s recommended you do this about every two hours.  


  • Time management: Time is a finite resource and it’s up to you to manage it properly. You can limit stress by sticking to your priorities, making lists, and finding ways to say “yes” at the right times and “no” at the right times.


  • Deep breathing: You have a secret weapon and you may not even know it. It is your breath.  Several times a day, pause what you’re doing and take three deep breaths paying careful attention to the physical sensations of each in and out breath.  Then, return to work.  Doing this can help one relax and become aware of the present moment.


  • Ask for help: It’s more than ok to ask for help. You can ask a co-worker for assistance, a manager, or a mental health professional to better manage stress.   


Effects of Stress

Stress can have long and short-term effects on each of us. Short-term effects can appear as shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and an upset stomach.

Long-term stress can increase the risk of heart disease, back pain, depression, and a weak immune system. You never know when a stressful event might happen, but these tools can give you a way to fight back.