Why Would You go to the Gym at Your Healthcare Clinic?

Move well studio

The Salt Lake LiVe Well Center has a new solution for everyone trying to get fit and more active. The new “Move Well Studio” is a 2,000 sq/ft gym staffed by exercise physiologists and fitness experts from the LiVe Well Center who educate, train and oversee individuals with a personalized exercise plan. The Move Well Studio is a unique setting for a fitness center because exercise equipment and classes will be available to patients within the walls of their healthcare clinic.


A public open house will be held on September 1st from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. for anyone wishing to see the Move Well Studio, try the equipment, and learn about the exercise classes that are available. 

Healthcare providers consistently encourage patients to get more exercise, especially patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.  Exercise is medicine for many of these conditions, but unlike popping a pill, it takes more effort and education to get started. 

Dr. Mark Lewis, Medical Director and Internal Medicine physician at the Salt Lake Clinic, sees the new Move Well Studio as a real game changer for patients.

 “So often we see patients who need exercise but don’t know where to start.  With the Move Well Studio, I can send my patients downstairs to be evaluated and know that they will get a personalized program that will start them on the right path,” Lewis said.

Anybody, regardless of age, weight, health condition or activity level can benefit from the Move Well Studio because it offers a personalized approach to exercise. It can help athletes fine tune their strength and flexibility or assist those with high blood pressure improve their cardiovascular conditioning.

Every person that comes to the Move Well Studio will first receive a functional movement and fitness assessment. During this assessment, strength, weaknesses, flexibility and endurance are tested to get a baseline of your fitness level. Your goals and your physician’s recommendations will be used with your results to build a personalized exercise plan.  With the help of an exercise physiologist, you will learn your exercises and how to perform them safely.

Depending on your fitness level, we may recommend one of our LiVe Fit exercise classes. These classes give you the advantage of having a trained exercise specialist guide you through your exercise routine.  The Move Well Studio has classes for every fitness level and each can be customized to fit your needs.

The following classes are now available and more will be added as the Move Well Studio grows.

Live Fit: Move Well Class

The LiVe Fit class helps mid-life and older adults improve their fitness level in order to complete daily activities, hobbies and sports with ease

After a group warm-up, clients work individually using exercise prescriptions as appropriate for each client. The LiVe Fit Class focuses on:

  • Building muscle
  • Increasing endurance
  • Gaining strength
  • Improving balance
  • Elevating aerobic fitness

Emphasis is placed on performing activities with good form to maximize results and reduce the risk for injuries. The class concludes with a group cool-down focusing on flexibility and relaxation.

Corrective Movement Class

This exercise class can benefit anyone who wants more effective body movement. Before starting the class, participants complete a 3-D Motion Analysis offered at the LiVe Well Center. The 3-D Motion assessment can give the exercise specialist additional insight into muscle imbalances, joint range of motion, overall strength, power, and dysfunction throughout the body.

Based on this information, an individualized exercise prescription is created to help reset, retrain and reinforce proper function to lower risk of injury during activity. This will maximize training results with fewer setbacks and improve human movement. This class will help you move well and move right for a greater quality of life.

Total Body Conditioning

This high-energy group fitness class designed to increase muscle strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, and improve body composition.  Participants learn how to perform activities with good form to maximize results and reduce the risk for injuries.

Total Body Conditioning is recommended for individuals with a basic foundation of fitness and generally free of injuries. Exercise modifications are offered to adjust to individual capabilities.

The LiVe Well Center, located at Salt Lake Clinic, provides health promotion and wellness services for patients of all ages. It exists to help individuals live the healthiest lives possible. The new Move Well Studio has increased our ability to achieve this mission with exercise and physical activity. If you need to exercise more the new Move Well Studio may be just what you need.

To register for a class or learn more www.livewellcenter/movewellstudio.