Ideas to Include Your Kids on Valentine's Day

Including your kids in Valentines Day

Romance is in the air and you have big plans. Maybe a candlelit dinner and a couple’s massage? After all, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the one you love. But with all of the romance, it can be easy to forget about celebrating some of the other people you love most — your kids. While most Valentine’s Day celebrations center on couples, your kids don’t want to be left out!

Between dinner reservations and buying chocolates, you might be wondering how you can squeeze in more time to do something sweet for your kids. Thankfully, most kids are easy to please. These ideas will help you celebrate with some of the sweetest younger people in your life.

Valentine’s Day meals

Pink pancakes. Cheese slices cut like hearts. Adding a little love to your regular meal routine will make things more magical for your kids. Decorate sugar cookies if you like, but your food doesn’t have to be sugar-laden to be festive. No ideas for dressing up your regular meals? It can be as simple as adding pink napkins and letting your kids eat off grown-up plates.

Write love notes

Want to make your kids feel really loved? Cut out 14 paper hearts and write something you love about your child on each one of them. For the first 14 days in February, celebrate your child by placing a new heart on their bedroom door. Expressing your love will be fun for both of you. Don’t want to spend a lot of time cutting out paper hearts? Write love notes to your kids anywhere you can…on their banana in their lunch box or even on the bathroom mirror (dry-erase markers are great!). Your notes don’t have to be long, either. In fact, short notes are probably best for younger kids.

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Kids love crafts. Set aside one afternoon in the beginning of February to make Valentine’s Day cards for each other and for friends. There are also numerous Valentine’s Day crafts your kids could put together with just a little prep from you. Most local craft stores will give you free holiday-themed craft ideas.

Show appreciation

You’ve decided to skip the dinner restaurant rush on the evening of Valentine’s Day and have a fun meal with your kids. Make it special by using that time to express appreciation and show love to each of your family members. Take turns sharing what you love and appreciate about each of your family members. This is a simple and quick activity to get your family thinking about why you love one another.

Random acts of kindness

Share the love! Sit down with your child and brainstorm fun ideas to spread random acts of kindness. Acts of kindness can be as simple as taping a dollar to a vending machine or writing a note that says “You look beautiful” and leaving it on the mirror in a public restroom. You may have to help your kids come up with simple but meaningful ideas, but your kids might surprise you. Spend an afternoon doing random acts of kindness, then talk about them together with a treat or at dinner.

Video chat with loved ones

Are you and your kids missing someone? Spend part of Valentine’s Day video chatting with them. Set aside a short amount of time to talk to those you love who might be far away. If your younger kids can’t make it through a long call, set a specific amount of time to chat and have an activity for them to do while you talk. For example, you could set a 30-minute lunch date with grandma during lunchtime and serve your child lunch during the call. When lunch is over, so is the video chat. Your kids will love it and so will your family and friends.