Eight Tips for Balancing Work and Family


​Careertopia.com de​veloped a list of eight strategies that will allow us to begin thinking about ways we can improve our work life balance:​

1. Write down the events that you have in mind that you would like to do with your family – having a written plan is key to success, and can also be a great family activity to get everyone involved in what events you would like to participate in together.

2. Set a goal for when you would like to take the family on vacation and schedule your projects at work to allow you to take that time off.

3. Set certain week nights that you will be home for dinner, on time, and your full attention will be on the family and not what happened or didn’t get done at work.

4. Leave work at work and enjoy the family. Your work is very important and needs your attention, but your family needs just as much attention to complete your life.

5. Stop taking over other peoples responsibilities at work. Learn to say no, you can’t help right now because your project needs all your attention.

6. Learn to delegate assignments down to other people in your office so you can take care of the major issues that need your attention.

7. Don’t hang on to every little piece of a project when someone less busy could be doing the minor chores. Organize what only you can do and what someone under you can handle instead of you doing it all.

8. Don’t allow distractions to take over your day. Keep your thoughts on what is expected of you and avoid procrastination.

Balancing your routine of work and family life will enhance your relationships with everyone involved. You will gain time with the family, and your employer will be grateful for you being well organized and on top of your responsibilities. Frustration and stress will be a thing of the past as you gain control over the balance between work and family fun.

What are your tips for a better work life balance?