4 Ways to Maximize the Winter Months

4 Ways to Maximize the Winter Months

It’s cold, there’s snow on the ground and the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm bed and exercise. All too often we come up with excuses as to why it's impractical to workout this time of year. 

Between holiday meals and sweets with Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the shopping that needs to take place, very little importance is placed on exercise and the benefits that are attainable through this season. 

I want to let you in on a few secrets that I have found to motivate me and push me through these winter months.

  1. Change up your workouts. Few want to run or bike in the snow, so look for options at recreation centers or at work that you can utilize. Indoor spin (cycling) is a great way for runners to build up leg strength and stamina and prepare them to hit the roads once the snow clears. Yoga and Zumba are both great ways to stay in shape and motivated
  2. Maximize your spare time. Spare time is at a premium during this season. Take advantage of work fitness centers and classes. Look for a free 20 minutes here or half an hour there that you can dedicate to yourself during your busy schedule. Your body will thank you, your mind will be clearer and you can relieve all the extra stress you’re carrying.
  3. Be consistent. Easier said than done, I completely understand, but, you’ll find so much more success and a passion for what you are doing when you are consistent. Don’t set an unrealistic goal, but something you think is manageable. Try 2 to 3 times a week and then adjust it accordingly. 
  4. Understand it is a process. Whether you’re a high school athlete or someone looking to lose a little weight and run a half marathon you need to understand things come slowly. The athletes I work with realize each day they put in work now could impact a future event in two or three months. Adults need to see baby steps toward an end goal. Hard work and preparation will leave you prepared and conditioned.

Remember to enjoy this time of year, but take advantage of it as well. As you cross train or put in extra time for a future event you’ll be the recipient of multiple health benefits and superior results.