Knee Injury Sidelines Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert


The knee has four major ligaments that attaches the bones and the kneecap together. The MCL runs along the inside portion of the knee and attaches the femur to the tibia giving the knee stability. The injury and severity are typically diagnosed through X-ray and MRI tests.

The Jazz said that team doctors determined Gobert had suffered a Grade II sprain of the ligament – where the ligament has been partially torn. In most cases grade II MCL sprains do not require surgery and the team said that surgery will not be required for him. The treatments of MCL sprains include rest, ice, muscle-strengthening physical therapy and protective braces to prevent further damage.

Recovery times vary but take several weeks. Memphis Grizzles’ starting center, Marc Gasol, suffered a similar injury in 2013 and was out eight weeks to rehabilitate his knee. There is no known return date for Gobert yet.

To learn more about injuries to the knee, as well as symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments, visit Intermountain Healthcare’s Health Library for complete information.