Utah Jazz Forward Alec Burks Returns After Broken Leg


The fibula is commonly known as the calf bone, which is part of the tibia. There are three main types of tibia fractures – shaft (middle of the lower leg), tibial plateau (by the knee) and tibial plafond fractures (ankle area). Reports said the fracture was in the ankle.

Recovery times vary per the severity of the injury. Tibial fractures need rest, immobilization in a brace or cast, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. More severe fractures require surgery to set the bone with plates or rods.

“The bone heals back to 100 percent after 12 weeks,” said Roy H. Trawick, MD, sports medicine physician at TOSH. “The more important issue is with his muscles. The muscle firing sequence will not be as functional while he has been resting. He has to get his strength back. The affects his stability, his explosiveness, his agility.”

The immobilized leg will lose lean muscle mass. It’s important to develop a strength training program to build the muscle back.

You can learn more about tibial fractures from the Intermountain TOSH – The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.