Stay in the Game: 3 Safety Tips for Athletes of All Ages

Stay in the Game: 3 Safety Tips for Athletes of All Ages

Dr. Chris Gordon with the Utah Valley Sports Medicine Clinic offers three tips to help keep kids safe.

1) Stay hydrated and cool

Heat stroke and dehydration are serious concerns that may arise if not properly hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after a game or practice. Sipping on sports drinks during workouts will also help replenish electrolytes that are lost.

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2) Eat healthy

Eating and exercising go hand in hand. Try to avoid processed foods, soda and refined sugars, particularly on days kids will have practices or will be working out.

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3) Warm up and cool down

Begin and end workouts and games with stretches to reduce potential injury. Warming up helps kick start your cardiovascular system to begin working harder. An appropriate cool down helps reduce muscle tightness and injury risk.

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“These tips may seem like common practice, but they are essential in keeping kids safe and prepared for physical activity,” says Dr. Gordon. “Helping young athletes properly take care of their bodies will help improve performance and reduce injury.”