3 Cool Things For Healthcare From CES 2014

3D printing

It's another day at CES 2014 and the progressive technologies keep coming. The consumer market will soon feast their eyes and hands on TVs with 4K clarity and LTE / wireless enable cars. CES is the epitome of "the internet of everything."

Among the booming consumer technologies there are more "cool tech in healthcare" offerings surfacing. Here are today's top three technologies with healthcare implications:

  1. Cool Tech - 4K TVs: Who wouldn't like 4K picture quality? Nobody, right, and nobody also includes radiologist. Walking around CES you can't miss the beautiful 4K displays throughout the booths of Samsumg, Panasonic, and others, but imaging being able to use the same technology as a radiologist. We see a huge benefit to imaging groups to make fine detail pop out of screens for better readings. The deeper color range with 4K could make a huge difference in what is seen and not seen. We see another advantage with these TVs in telemedicine. Clinicians would have a unblemished ultra crisp view into a wound or other detail oriented medical evaluations. 

  2. Cool Tech - 3D Printing: 3D printing has been all the rage for a little while now, but at CES vendors are taking it to another level. We want to talk 3D printing in more practical applications, because believe me, there is huge potential. Healthcare providers and care takers have many experts within the organization. They generally don't have a way to take an idea for efficiency improvement and bring the product fruition. 3D printing enables us to take the idea from the care giver or internal expert and create a prototype and assess whether or not the product has real viability. In the past, this process has not been rapid or convenient, but 3D printing changes everything. We've personally seen this come true time and time again at Intermountain Healthcare.3D print drum kit

  3. Cool Tech - Autosterioscopic TV: This technology has been around for awhile, but there is a vendor, Marvel Digital Media, who has created a real-time conversion from 2D to 3D and not to mention supports 4k quality. We see a bright future with this technology in the realm of telemedicine. Certain clinical situations would benefit greatly from the ability to persevere depth, wounds would be one example. Other situations could include situations needing clinicians to insert instruments into the body. This technology adds an exciting angle to a dynamic telemedicine visit. 

So many great things to see at CES and from my perspective it is only getting better for healthcare and consumers interested in managing their health. Watch tomorrow for more "cool tech."

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