Hot Topics at HIMSS: Digital Health and Connectivity

Nick Adkins

We are just one day into HIMSS and already it is clear that digital health and connectivity are major players in current healthcare conversations. Today, we spoke with Nick Adkins, Co-Founder and COO of ReelDx, a health IT company determined to improve patient engagement through the intelligent use of video in clinical environments. You can check out the story of the pink socks here and here from Bill Bunting. Find out what he had to say about the current state of digital health services and the benefits they provide to patients and clinicians.

Question: Are patient needs being met with TeleHealth?

Answer: Yes! One of the most exciting things happening right now in TeleHealth is the rapid adoption from patients. Though the concept of TeleHealth is not new, most patients now have the mobile technology that allows them to access these digital health services. Once they are aware, adoption happens quickly. Watch the video below for Nick’s full answer.


Question: Are patients driving the growth of TeleHealth?

Answer: Yes, often faster than healthcare systems can provide the infrastructure for TeleHealth services. But this is a good thing. This surge of interest from patients helps drive healthcare systems to develop and implement relevant digital health services to the public. Watch the video below for Nick’s full answer.

Question: What is the benefit you hope patients will get from your TeleHealth services?

Answer: Convenience. We are all busy with our lives; we can’t create more time in a day. Our technology enables people – patients and clinicians – to do a TeleHealth session when it is more convenient, making healthcare more accessible. Watch the video below for Nick’s full answer.



Question: Does your kilt give you super powers?

Check out the video below for Nick’s answer!