Intermountain Partnership Announced by VP Joe Biden


The new commitment pledges includes onboarding at least five new healthcare systems into the data sharing network. The network pledges to facilitate data access as soon as the comprehensible data is available. OPeN also pledged to make clinical trials more readily available.

“This network is going to link cancer genomics data for 79 hospitals and 800 clinics across 11 states. Data from more than 50,000 cancer patients per year that can now be shared openly on a network,” said Vice President Biden at the Cancer Moonshot Summit.

The Cancer Moonshot Initiative is a national effort was started as President Barrack Obama announced it in his final State of the Union address last January. Vice President Biden was placed to lead the effort with the goal to double the rate of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care from ten years down to five. Then ultimately ending cancer.

“The goal of the moonshot is to propel us forward today,” Biden said. “I really do believe it’s within your power to fundamentally change and turn despair into hope a lot sooner than later.”

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Intermountain has been heavily involved with the United States Presidency efforts to fight cancer. Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, executive director of Intermountain Medicine and Precision Genomics, was in attendance and participated in roundtable discussions at the summit. Nadauld and Intermountain was part of the White House Precision Medicine Initiative Summit hosted by President Obama in February.

Intermountain’s CEO, Dr. Charles Sorenson, and Dr. Raj Srivastava, research medical director, also had the opportunity to meet with Vice President Joe Biden in Salt Lake City in February along with other medical leaders.

Learn more about the data sharing network.