Personalized Medicine: Expanded Gene Panel


Intermountain Precision Genomics based in St. George, UT announced the expansion of the ICG100™ from 96 genes to include 162 genes. The ICG100™ Comprehensive Gene Panel tests 162 genes often associated in cancer pathways. Currently approved for late stage cancer patients who have failed a traditional treatment method, the ICG100™ test offers new hope where traditional modalities fall short.

According to Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory Manager, David Loughmiller, “The expansion of the ICG100™ Comprehensive Gene Panel allows us to advance the capabilities of treating acute leukemia and myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). Another advancement is the ability to reduce the amount of DNA needed to perform the test.” Loughmiller adds, “Lower input allows us to accept more samples from smaller biopsies.  As we hone our research competencies and data pipelines in the laboratory, we are better able to impact lives and serve more patients.”

The ICG100™ process includes an in-depth analysis of gene sequencing. The test identifies mutations at a genomic level, and then targets existing mutations with a personalized therapy. Research has shown that targeted therapies can extend life and improve quality of life for patients battling late stage cancers. Intermountain Healthcare oncologists have direct access to the Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory through their provider login. Outside of Intermountain Healthcare, physicians can visit to create an online ordering portal. 

Intermountain Precision Genomics is a service of Intermountain Healthcare, which offers genetic sequencing of solid tumors. This in-depth sequencing identifies individual mutations within a person’s cancer cells to identify specific DNA targets for personalized drugs. For more information about Intermountain Precision Genomics please visit:, join the dialog on Facebook (Intermountain Precision Genomics) or follow @precisioncancer on Twitter.