Transforming the Way We Provide Care

Grand Opening of the Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center

The Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center

The Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center is home to institutes that train healthcare leaders who seek to transform the way care is provided in the U.S. and around the world. Their aim is to achieve the highest clinical quality at the lowest sustainable cost. These institutes, including the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute and the Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute, in collaboration with Intermountain’s Clinical Programs, look to drive innovation forward to achieve our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®.

Through world-class learning and collaboration, physicians and administrative leaders will seek ways to develop, implement, and lead change in the healthcare space.

What will the Transformation Center be used for?

As a leader in healthcare, Intermountain embraces its responsibility to our patients to improve quality, reduce costs of treatment, and offer preventive health strategies. At the Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center, we will define and develop evidence-based care models that enhance and extend the lives of patients. Innovation drives us toward our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®. With programs like those housed in the Transformation Center, Intermountain is leading the way for healthcare systems that encourage collaboration and change.

The Transformation Center will offer a physical space for an environment that will place an emphasis on safety and quality to help guide caregivers on a path from fee-based healthcare to value-based healthcare with the patient in mind.  Intermountain strives to help providers deliver the best medical care at the lowest necessary cost.  More than ever we have a responsibility to our community to continue these efforts. It is fitting that the institutes are on the Intermountain Medical Center campus, keeping the work near the patients and caregivers who are the driving force behind this work.

We are only beginning to imagine the ideas that will emerge from the conversations to be had in the Transformation Center and are grateful for the generosity of the Gardner family and of all the other donors.  We share with them the vision to transform healthcare from the inside out.