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    Unique Ways to Work Up a Sweat

    Unique Ways to Work Up a Sweat

    Unique Ways to Work Up a Sweat

    Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. 

    Daily routines are important, especially when it comes to staying healthy. And though consistent exercise can help you feel happier, can help with weight loss (duh!) and can give you a boost of energy, it can get a little repetitive (we’re looking at you, treadmill). Sure, repeating the same (or similar) workouts can help you reap the exercise benefits and master specific movements, but switching it up is never a bad idea. So if you’re feeling burnt out or just feeling adventurous, try one of these unique and less conventional ways of working out. 

    Grab a Barbell

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    CrossFit is another one of those not so new, but growing in popularity exercise regimes sweeping the nation. Most known for muscular men and women lifting heavy (and REALLY heavy) weights while racing a clock, CrossFit can be super intimidating. But step into any box (that’s what they call their gyms) and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an amazing community of athletes who vary in ability. Workouts are based on functional movements with elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. And though intensity is key, one of the best parts about CrossFit is that every workout is scalable — movements and weights can always be modified. Wanna give it a try? You’re in luck, you’re almost always a hop, skip and box jump away from a CrossFit facility. And don’t let the barbell scare you. Every gym teaches the basics in the form of “on-ramp” classes with other beginners (and a lighter training bar) before you really start throwing the weights around.

    Jump for Joy

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    If you have kids, you’ve probably found yourself at a trampoline park for a fun day out or birthday party. And you probably know how tuckered out they get after a couple of hours of bouncing off the walls (literally). Well, that’s kind of the concept for trampoline fitness classes. These low-impact, high-intensity workouts focus on your arms, legs and abs and use, you guessed it, a trampoline. DEFINE studio in Boulder (which hosts the class, BOUNCE) boasts that trampoline fitness is 20% more effective than treadmills and gives 80% less stress to your knees. With that in mind, hop off the treadmill and onto the trampoline for a new way to do cardio.

    Hit the Barre

    OK, barre workouts aren’t super new (especially for those of you who grew up twirling in tutus), but they are fun and very beneficial. It combines low-impact, isometric movements with the mindfulness of yoga for a complete body workout. It may not look intense from the outside, but these ballet-inspired workouts target individual muscle groups, giving you a very focused burn. They can also help improve your flexibility, balance and posture. Skip the tutu, grab your grippy socks and head to the barre for some plies, releves and good old-fashioned muscle shaking. 

    Get Some Air

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    We’ve covered lifting and jumping workout options, but how about workouts in the air? And we’re not talking about working out while flying. Aerial fitness suspends you in the air by an aerial hammock, fusing barre, pilates and yoga movements to create a full-body workout. More aerial studios are popping up and offering these high-flying classes, like aptly named AIR® Aerial Fitness and Bozeman Aerial Fitness — why not swing in for a class or two?

    Reach New Heights

    Rock climbing is a popular pastime in our mountainous region, but if scaling a mountain makes you nervous or the weather just isn’t quite right, there are plenty of places to climb inside! And rock climbing isn’t just about pumping up the adrenaline — it’s also a great sport that combines your strength and cardio into a single workout. And while there are a ton of great health benefits to climbing, it’s also great for facing your fears and challenging your brain to problem solve while working out. There is no shortage of rock climbing gyms in our area, so grab hold and feel the burn. 

    If these class options seem a little too out there or you just really like your exercise routine, adding variety through intervals like HIIT can also be beneficial. Studios like Orangetheory Fitness can also help you mix it up with traditional treadmill, weight training and rowing workouts in a small group setting. How do you  break out of your workout rut and get excited to exercise again?