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    Walking Your Dog Is A Mutually Beneficial Activity

    Walking Your Dog Is A Mutually Beneficial Activity

    Walking Your Dog Is A Mutually Beneficial Activity

    Many of us think walking our dog is something that benefits only our pet. But did you know that this daily ritual is actually a huge lift for human beings, too? According to a study done by the University of Liverpool, that’s actually true. When we spend times outdoors with our dogs, our overall quality of life improves as well. But why is that so?

    There are lots of reasons that factor into an increased happiness from walking our dogs. And some of them make a lot of sense. Some obvious reasons are that when you’re outdoors in nature you’re getting fresh air and Vitamin D from sunlight. You’re also exercising and getting your heart rate going, which releases endorphins and reduces stress. In fact, dog owners walk significantly more than their pet-less counterparts, which contributes to this feeling of increased joy. Walking is also helpful when it comes problem solving or evaluating challenges, and when we resolve these burdens, we typically feel less stressed.

    But there’s another dog walking benefit that’s not as obvious: we’re happy when our dogs are happy. And when we grab the leash and collar and see tails wagging and hear the whines of excitement, we know our dogs are experiencing joy. And in turn, that makes us enjoy the walks too. So do yourself a favor by doing your dog a favor: schedule daily walks and enjoy all the benefits. Now that’s puppy love.

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