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    What Do Providers Look For In Their Own Medical Providers?

    What Do Providers Look For In Their Own Medical Providers?

    What Do Providers Look For In Their Own Medical Providers?

    Believe it or not, your medical providers need to see providers sometimes. It may be hard to imagine them sitting on that crinkly-paper-covered exam chair, but it’s true. Staying healthy helps them keep you healthy!

    To aid this goal, providers want the best from their providers. We asked our providers what they look for when seeking medical care.

    Brian Leonard, DO
    Family Medicine
    SCL Health Medical Group - Quail Creek 

    “As a physician, I value the many of the same traits that (I hope) patients value in me. Clinical competency and medical acumen are very important, but it's important to me to look for a provider that is willing to listen to me and values my opinion. I want someone who is willing to treat my family and me as though we are members of their family. The science of medicine and practice of medicine needs to be built on a foundation of trust between the clinician and patient.” 

    Erica Bruen, MD
    Internal Medicine
    SCL Health Medical Group - Downtown Internal Medicine
    St. Vincent Healthcare

    "I look for experience level, good training programs, easy to communicate with, insurance approved, and a convenient location. The truth is that a relationship with a medical provider is important for quality healthcare, and what meets one patient's needs may differ from what is desired by another patient. Identifying your priorities is important when picking a primary care provider or specialist."

    Emily Moreno, MD
    Internal Medicine
    SCL Health Medical Group - Superior

    “When I am looking for a physician, I seek competence, a strong knowledge base and the ability to connect. I want to be listened to and asked to participate in my health. I seek evidence-based medicine tailored to my unique situation/health status.”

    Michael White, MD
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
    SCL Health Medical Group - OB-Gyn Services
    St. Mary’s Medical Center

    “When I am considering a personal provider I look for if they can communicate well. I appreciate a provider that takes the time to find out what I value and to tailor a care plan based on my personal needs. A collaborative experience is what I seek.”

    Kellie Depuydt, NP
    Family Medicine
    SCL Health Medical Group - Laurel

    “I look for scheduling availability. As a busy mom, I need flexibility and the ability for providers to provide virtual care, and hours that match my schedule are key. I also look for someone who is a good communicator and takes the time to get to know me, not my health problems or concerns. This allows me to connect with the provider as a person.”

    Erik Berger, MD
    Internal Medicine
    SCL Health Medical Group - Lafayette

    “I look for the same qualities that non-physician patients look for: well trained, good bedside manner, and competent in their field of medicine. The many times that I have been a patient, I have experienced all the same fears and apprehensions that my patients do when accessing medical care. I often get recommendations from colleagues and friends about their experience with a provider, and research them on the internet.”

    The next time you’re looking for a provider, take tips from these providers. Maybe you want good communication, experience, and relationship-building skills, or perhaps you just want the next availability! There are many things to consider when picking a doctor.

    To find a physician that fits all your requirements, make an appointment at one of our locations.