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    What is iAct and how does it help support communities?


    iAct is our Intermountain Health caregiver volunteer impact match program, designed to encourage caregivers to give back to their communities.

    At Intermountain, we refer to all of our employees as caregivers, whether their work involves providing care to patients in a clinic, running a community health program, or any other role they might have.

    Through iAct, our caregivers can sign up for eligible volunteer opportunities, track their time, and earn community cash points for each hour volunteered. Caregivers can then donate these points to a qualified nonprofit cause of their choice.

    The program aims to support local communities, connect caregivers to important causes, and fulfill our mission and health priorities.

    Community leaders can collaborate with iAct to provide volunteer opportunities for our Intermountain caregivers and support nonprofit organizations throughout our communities.

    Seager Memorial Clinic, a free clinic in Ogden, is one such organization that has interacted with the iAct program.

    “We rely on more than 200 medical volunteers to help us provide free medical, dental, vision, and mental health services for the underserved in our community.

    Last year, we learned about the iAct program and challenged our volunteers to log their hours,” said Jerika Mays, executive director at the Seager Memorial Clinic. “As a result, we received a check for more than $1,000 to help us purchase diabetic medications and supplies for our patients. I think it’s wonderful that Intermountain Health gives back to the charitable organizations that their employees care enough about to volunteer their time.”

    If you would like to suggest volunteer activities in your community for our iAct program, email our Intermountain Volunteer Committee at

    Please email the proposed organization’s name, the volunteer opportunity’s date and time, and a brief activity description. The committee will review your submitted opportunity and determine if it meets the iAct eligibility requirements. Once approved, we will add the opportunity to our platform for caregivers to sign up and earn community cash points.

    Thank you for your interest in collaborating with iAct to support our local communities.