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There are many activities that residents enjoy outside of their time at the hospital. Denver is an exciting city with a lot of things todo!


The Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program at Saint Joseph Hospital dates back to 1949, making it the oldest OB-Gyn residency program in Denver. Saint Joseph Hospital has long been one of the busiest OB-Gyn units in the region, with over 4,000 deliveries per year. Our program is fully approved and accredited by the ACGME and has been continually accredited since its first review. We train five residents each year for a total of 20.

Saint Joseph Hospital offers a training program with a community feel, and the benefit of academic exposures due to the large volume of interesting and challenging patients. The volume and acuity of the hospital produces well-trained generalists, in addition to well-prepared fellows. In recent years, we have had several graduates go on to MIS (2), REI (2), urogynecology (1), FP (1), and MFM (3) fellowships.

Possibly one of the biggest advantages of training at Saint Joseph Hospital is the breadth of experience, as we work with so many different OB-Gyn practitioners. SJH partners with Kaiser Colorado, so resident physicians care for Kaiser patients in the hospital, in Kaiser clinics, and at their ambulatory surgical centers. Saint Joseph Hospital is also a coveted place for private physicians to deliver and operate. We deliver and operate with many private practitioners, which is a huge advantage when making career choices later in residency. In addition, the resident physicians act as backup for the Certified Nurse Midwife group that delivers at the hospital. As consultants to the midwives, we get more experience with high-risk pregnancies, and a higher volume of deliveries. We also act as backup to The Birth Center of Denver, Denver’s only hospital-owned freestanding birth center. We take pride in getting our patients the birth experience they desire and learn a lot about this from our CNM partners. In addition, Saint Joseph Hospital offers generous charity funding for many of our lower-income, uninsured, or underinsured patients. We see these patients in our residency clinic, and the charitable funding from our hospital allows us to get them the treatment they need. These partnerships reflect our mission: to improve the health of communities we serve, especially the poor and vulnerable.

The GYN surgical experience consistently ranks among the top in the country. As there are no fellowship programs at Saint Joseph, residents benefit from direct contact with subspecialists both in the clinic and in the operating room. Residents get excellent minimally-invasive surgical experience, including vaginal, laparoscopic, and robotic training. Additionally, fourth year residents have two 5-week rotations in Minimally Invasive Surgery, where they specifically focus on improving laparoscopic technique. The hospital also recently upgraded to new DaVinci XI robotic surgery consoles. Residents get regular hands-on experience with the robot, especially with urogynecology and oncology cases, and can practice with the robotic trainer.

We enjoy many amenities at St. Joe's that make residency more comfortable. On Labor and Delivery, the residents work in a confidential board room right next to the nursing station with dedicated workstations. There are also newly renovated call rooms with attached bathrooms for each class. A doctor’s dining room serves free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and residents are also provided with plenty of funds to use in the hospital cafeteria. During free time, residents can enjoy an on-site gym equipped with a treadmill, bike, weights, and even a massage chair! Parking is free, and covered, in a garage connected to the hospital.

Message from the Program Director

Thank you for visiting the Saint Joseph Hospital/Intermountain Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program website!

Here at St. Joe's, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional training in the true depth and breadth of the specialty. We strive to train physicians who are committed to health equity and envision themselves as leaders and advocates in obstetrics and gynecology. Our graduates are skilled in providing comprehensive care for their patients, including high risk obstetrics and complex surgical gynecology. Our graduates are also well prepared for fellowship training if that is their desired path. We are pleased to be able to offer this outstanding training in an environment that blends the best of academic and community practice. Additionally, we truly believe in the importance of personal wellness, and strive to cultivate a supportive learning environment.

Our residency community takes great pride in the outstanding training we are able to provide. We hope that browsing through these pages gives you an idea of the team we have here at St. Joe's and our wonderful residents and faculty!


Meredith Alston, MD, FACOG