Nurse Residency Program

Intermountain Healthcare’s Nurse Residency Program provides novice nurses with the opportunity to build competence and confidence, while strengthening skills and transitioning into the role of the professional registered nurse. We provide a variety of learning experiences in a safe, hands-on, and supportive environment.

The Nurse Residency Program is designed to complement and enhance your unit orientation, providing a comprehensive and evidence-based transition. As a new graduate or nurse with less than one year of acute care experience, you’ll be prepared to be a knowledgeable and skilled professional in the highly complex and high acuity care environment.

Under the guidance of practiced specialists, your academic education is enhanced through clinical experience. Clinical Coaches provide emotional support and nurture critical thinking skills, leading to competence and confidence in your new nursing practice. This program supports your transition from novice to professional nurse in a safe, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere dedicated to providing extraordinary care:


You will practice in a collaborative environment, interacting on a daily basis with other new nurses, clinical coaches, clinical nurse specialists, multidisciplinary team members, and course instructors.


The residency program encourages you to actively seek learning experiences as you work with unit educators, clinical nurse specialists, and clinical coaches to increase your knowledge of nursing practices while enhancing your communication, critical thinking, and prioritization skills in a self-directed environment.

Research-based practice

You’ll learn to incorporate research-based best practices supported by standards and professional performance into daily patient care activities. You’ll experience an environment that supports change, fosters innovation, and is conducive to increasing confidence and competence in the delivery of safe patient care - our number one priority.


You will practice in an environment where nurses are frontline change agents and leaders in practice and process improvement. You will benefit from Intermountain’ s partnership with institutions of higher learning as they continually evaluate  nursing practice, fostering confident, competent, and caring providers.

Nursing Leadership

As a nurse, you play an instrumental role in setting policy and making patient care decisions in collaboration with other nursing leaders within the facility. The role of the nurse as a leader is supported through formal and informal leadership development and opportunities.


Intermountain Healthcare has a career progression model with opportunities for growth in nursing education, administration, and advanced patient care. This progression model allows you to plan your career development based on your individual goals.

General Program Overview

The Nurse Residency program is a one-year program designed to facilitate the transition of the newly graduated nurse or registered nurse with less than one year acute care experience into the work setting. Program highlights include (time commitment will vary according to unit specialty):

  • Classroom training
  • Hands-on learning
  • Simulation Lab
  • Interaction with preceptors and clinical nurse specialists
  • Continued education throughout the year
  • Nurse Residency positions are available from all 22 Intermountain Healthcare hospitals
  • 36 hours classroom didactic
  • 144 additional hours of clinical work with a clinical coach
  • Some specialty areas will have a more detailed orientation with increased time and commitment
  • Continued training and mentoring throughout the first year of employment
  • Advanced certification available dependent upon your work area job requirements

Hiring criteria

  • Education: must have graduated from an accredited nursing or have less than one year of acute care nursing experience
  • Licensing: Must have RN license or be license-eligible in the state in which they are being hired (Utah, ID, and/or Nurse Licensure Compact)
  • Hours: Determine based on position hired into
  • Classes: Must attend all classes and finish all course work to complete the program
  • Commitment: Commitment determined based on area and FTE hired into with Intermountain Healthcare.
  • Out-of-state new graduates must have NCLEX scheduled by the time the residency program begins

For more information or to apply for the Nurse Residency Program, please contact Intermountains Nurse Recruiters.