How to Get Tested for COVID-19

Eligibility and Instructions

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Visit Intermountain’s Online Symptom Checker

In order to get tested for COVID-19, please access Intermountain’s online symptom checker at to determine whether you qualify for a COVID-19 test based on symptoms and exposure criteria. The symptom checker is available in English and in Spanish.

If you are determined to be eligible for a COVID-19  test, you’ll be given an opportunity to choose an arrival time for a COVID-19 test at a nearby curbside testing location based on availability.

When you arrive at a testing location, the staff will ask you to check in (complete registration/insurance and verify the reason for the test) and complete the order for the COVID-19 test. At the same time you will be given a saliva kit to collect your sample. When complete the staff will finalize your order, label your specimen and give you instructions.

Patients Without Access to Internet

Patients who do not have access to the internet can call the State COVID-19 Info Line at 1-800-456-7707, their physician’s office if feeling ill, or may seek assistance from a community partner/community health worker.

If You Are Sick or Have Concerns

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Contact Your Primary Care Provider

Patients who have concerns about COVID-19 and other health conditions or who are feeling ill may contact their primary care physician office and schedule a visit with their provider. 

Getting Tested for COVID-19

If the patient’s provider determines that a COVID-19 test is needed they will order a test. After the order is placed the patient will either receive a COVID-19 test in the office or be directed to a curbside testing location.  

If directed to a curbside location, the provider will order the test. Once the test is entered electronically into your record, you will receive a QR code. After you receive a QR code, you may proceed to any Intermountain testing location and do not need to schedule an arrival time.

Urgent Care

Patients can also visit an Intermountain InstaCare location or access ConnectCare if symptomatic.

If you are very sick and having trouble breathing or chest pains, please call 9-11 or visit the nearest Emergency Room.

Instructions for Uninsured Patients

Apply for Free Insurance Coverage

Patients who are uninsured and are a U.S. citizen and a Utah resident: qualify for COVID-19 testing coverage through Medicaid.

Apply Now for Medicaid 

Medicaid COVID-19 testing coverage for the uninsured covers the COVID-19 tests and all testing related services including doctor appointments (both in-person and through telehealth), ER visits, and any services performed in order to diagnose COVID-19, including X-rays, etc. 

Testing and other services will be paid back to the date of those services.

Individuals who do not have insurance and who do not qualify for the Medicaid option may be tested and should use the symptom checker to determine if a test is needed and to schedule an arrival window. 

Mobile Testing Locations

COVID-19 Mobile Testing

Intermountain staffs a mobile test team that provides periodic community testing. For information on testing locations and dates please visit

Pre-procedure COVID-19 Testing

COVID19 Arrival

Our Process

If you need a pre-procedure COVID-19 test for an upcoming procedure, your physician’s office will either give you a test kit in the office to be returned to an Intermountain Lab location or direct you to pick-up a test at an Intermountain Lab location. After completing your test, you’ll return to any Intermountain Lab location. Please be aware of the hours of service and the locations.

On weekends, if the lab location is closed you will return your sample to an Intermountain Curbside testing location.

Other Resources

COVID-19 Testing in Utah

If there are no arrival windows available and you need testing now, individuals can also visit the Utah Department of Health website to find other testing locations.

There are many options for testing in Utah, including drive-thru locations across the state.