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COVID-19 has presented employers with unprecedented challenges.

Amid such uncertainty and change, it’s hard to know how to keep your employees, partners, and customers safe and healthy - all while keeping business alive and thriving. As the largest employer in Utah and nationally recognized healthcare organization, Intermountain Healthcare can offer experience, insight, and resources to get your business back on track quickly and safely. You’ll have access to testing consultation, return to work planning, proactive risk reduction, emotional support resources, and remote care technologies, all provided by a team of healthcare professionals.

Why Intermountain?

As both employer and healthcare provider, Intermountain Healthcare holds a unique set of skills, programs, and expertise designed to respond to the needs of employers like you and businesses like yours. With wrap-around support for COVID-19, you can rest easy knowing that your employee and customer health is physically, emotionally, and mentally protected.

How Does it Work?

Testing Consultation

A consultation with Intermountain Healthcare will walk you through whether testing your employees is necessary, how they might receive tests, and which type of tests (PCR, antigen, serum) may be right for your workforce – all evidence-based and created from the latest care protocols. Should your testing consultation reveal a significant need for testing, Intermountain Healthcare makes it easy and convenient for your employees.

Workplace Safety Assessment

A review of your COVID-19 workplace safety plans and personal consultation with a healthcare professional or infectious disease experts will ensure your return to work plan is customized to your business needs.

Support Resources

With one phone call, your employees will speak personally to a qualified care support specialist, who can connect them to a number of robust resources, including:

  • Health Answers: registered nurses that help your employees decide the best course of action for their symptoms, concerns, and questions.*
  • Emotional Relief Hotline: mental and emotional support for those experiencing the negative impacts of COVID-19, including a direct connection to mental health providers if further care is needed.
  • Connect Care: convenient, 24-hour access to urgent care from Intermountain whenever and wherever your employees need it, especially if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, they can connect with a clinician for no more than $59 a visit.
  • Social and Environmental Support: Connection with resources that address issues like substance use disorder, food and housing insecurity, and more.
  • Health Technology in the Home: for those that qualify with symptoms and other risk factors, an employee will be mailed a technology kit that tracks vitals and other important care information. This information will be monitored by a group of clinicians for potentially severe signs and symptoms, and respond quickly in cases where additional medical services are required.*
  • Proactive Outreach: for employees that may be at higher risk for complications from COVID-19, our group of qualified clinicians will proactively reach out and offer information and guidance on how to stay safe and healthy, and what to do if they are experiencing symptoms.*

*service requires a SelectHealth insurance plan

Analytics, Reporting, and Ongoing Support

You’ll receive real-time analytics on your employee population’s use of resources, along with continued updates about your employee’s risk for complications from COVID-19

Depending on your needs, we can customize available services to support your workforce through testing consultation, return to work planning, proactive risk reduction, emotional support resources, and remote care technologies, all provided by a team of healthcare professionals. Please fill out the form below to be contacted by a COVID-19 Workforce Health Support specialist at Intermountain Healthcare.

Working in Partnership

Intermountain Healthcare is partnering with SelectHealth, our health plan division, and Castell, our value-based health platform company, to deliver COVID-19 workforce health support.