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Billing for patients in CO, MT, and WY

As a patient of Intermountain, we offer many convenient ways to pay your bill

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Pay your bill online with MyChart

You can use the MyChart app or website to pay your bill. Don't have a MyChart account? You can pay your bill as a guest

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Contact us

Have a question about your bill?

If you have questions regarding your Intermountain Health hospital, clinic, or physician bill, please call us.

(866) 665-2636
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Do you need financial assistance?

Do you need help paying your bill? Our financial counselors can see if you qualify for financial assistance or discounts, help you set up a payment plan, or discuss your other options

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Frequently asked questions

Below are common questions we receive about billing

If you have made a credit/debt card payment via this site and it has been found that you are due a refund, Intermountain Health will issue a refund to the original credit/debt card that was used to make the initial payment. all credit/debt card refund requests must be made by contacting customer service at (866) 665-2636 .

Refunds may result from the following:

  • Overpayment of the account
  • Duplicate payment is received
  • Additional payment is made by insurance

Note: Please allow 10-14 days for all credit/debit card refunds to appear on the cardholder's statement

Payment arrangements are best made by contacting us at the telephone number listed on your statement.

Intermountain bills all insurance carriers. If your insurer does not include Intermountain as a preferred provider, you may be billed for non-covered charges or be responsible for reduced benefits. Please contact your carrier to verify your coverage and/or benefits.

When treatment is provided to a patient, often more than one professional service is required to provide for medical needs. If you are hospitalized, your surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist or radiologist will each bill you separately. Even if you are seen at a clinic for a routine physical, some of your lab work may be processed at another facility.

If you have any questions regarding your bill from any providers, please contact the hospital or physician office listed on each specific statement for additional assistance.

If you visit a clinician in any of our Intermountain clinics you will receive a consolidated bill for these services, which will include all the lab work, radiology and clinician charges associated with that visit.

If you receive services at any Intermountain hospital, you will receive a separate bill for each service, as well as a separate bill for each physician associated with your treatment in that facility.

Intermountain is a not-for-profit organization and has payment plans to assist you with your bills. After exhausting all other payment options, you may be eligible for financial assistance on your medical bills. For assistance, contact your patient account representative listed on your statement, or contact Customer Service for details.

Copayments will be requested at time of service. If you have concerns about your ability to pay for services received, please contact us at the telephone number listed on your statement. Patients are seen for all medically necessary situations regardless of their ability to pay.

You may receive more than one bill when you receive care at Intermountain facilities, since several providers may be involved in your treatment and bill independently. For example, independent specialists could include radiologists, cardiologists, emergency room physicians and anesthesiologists.

Some independent providers may not be covered under your insurance; check with your insurance carrier for coverage information.

Review all bills you receive for appropriate contact information. These bills will have a telephone number for the specific billing office for each service rendered. Direct relevant questions directly to the appropriate provider.

On occasion, your healthcare provider (physician) may send a lab specimen and/or biopsy to an Intermountain facility for analysis. When this occurs, you will receive a bill from the Intermountain facility for that analysis.

Typically, the physician will send your healthcare coverage information (if any) to the facility along with the lab work, and the facility will bill your lab services directly to your insurance.

If any information needs to be updated, please contact the facility as soon as possible.

Insurance frequently asked questions

Below are common questions we receive about insurance billing

Coordination of benefit rules apply. Contact your provider for help in determining the proper order for billing.

Due to confidentiality, we are unable to send bills directly to your employer. However, we will send claims directly to your employer's Workers Comp carrier. We will need their name, address and claim number. You may take your bill to your employer and work directly with them.

Intermountain bills all insurance carriers. If your insurer does not include Intermountain as a preferred provider, you may be billed for non-covered charges or be responsible for reduced benefits.

Please contact your carrier to verify your coverage and/or benefits.

The usual and customary fee schedule is set up so that non contracted providers are reimbursed at a rate comparable to other HMO reimbursements in the same geographical area. The patient is responsible for charges that exceed the usual and customary amount.

Contact the facility listed on your statement for additional assistance.

You will be responsible for charges your insurance company does not authorize or cover. It is recommended that you contact the ordering provider to discuss whether to receive the service and for other possible funding sources.

You should bring your current insurance card to your next visit. You should also contact our billing offices to provide updated information.

Insurance payments for claims that are sent directly to you, whether from primary or secondary insurance companies, should be used to pay outstanding charges to Intermountain Healthcare. Patients are financially responsible for all outstanding charges. Either deposit the insurance check and send us a personal check, or forward the insurance check as soon as possible.

Under any plan, there may be services that are not covered because the insurance company may consider them routine or unnecessary. If you disagree with the decision, you should contact your insurance company for more information.

Based on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for deductibles, copays and co-insurance for fees not covered by your insurance company.

It is recommended that you contact your insurance plan or provider directly if you have any questions or concerns about precertification or preauthorization.

Medicare billing frequently asked questions

Below are common questions we receive about Medicare billing

Visit the secure Medicare website for registered members online.

If you are unhappy with a Medicare decision, you can file an appeal by filling out the short form on the last page of the Medicare Summary Notice.

The Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) helps you to make an informed consumer decision whether to receive the service or item and to be prepared to pay for it.

You will be asked to read and sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) – Medical Necessity Waiver prior to receiving care that falls in a category that Medicare or Medicaid may not consider covered. In that instance, you accept responsibility for payment of the full amount charged.

Medicare Advantage/+ Choice plans replace Medicare Part B. For questions regarding Medicare C plans, visit the official Medicare website.

If you have questions regarding your Medicare D plan, visit the official Medicare website.

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