Our leadership team provides expertise as we chart a course forward.

Primary Promise Cabinet Members

Primary Promise is led by visionary civic and community business leaders who exemplify putting The Child First and Always.

Primary Promise Campaign Board Chairs

  • Crystal Maggelet
  • Gail Miller
  • Steve Lund
  • Spencer Zwick

Additional Members

  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Scott Anderson
  • Brad Bonham
  • Megan Bonham
  • Greg Cook
  • Julie Cook
  • Ann Crocker
  • Gary Crocker
  • Janet DeWolfe
  • Lisa Eccles
  • Fred Fairclough
  • David Flood
  • Christian Gardner
  • Kem Gardner
  • Marc Harrison, MD
  • Cheryl Huntsman
  • Jim Laub
  • Kalleen Lund
  • Jimmy Martello
  • Blake Modersitzki
  • Sandy Modersitzki
  • Stephen Neeleman, MD
  • Christine Neeleman
  • Russ Osguthrope, MD
  • Matt Packard
  • Andie Pedersen
  • Todd Pedersen
  • Shannon Seare
  • David Simmons
  • Melinda Simmons
  • Don Stirling
  • Katy Welkie
  • Bert Zimmerli

Intermountain Foundation Board of Trustees

Foundation Board members are dedicated to ensuring philanthropic culture-building and Intermountain's evergreen mission of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible.
  • Scott Anderson, Board Chair
  • Jim Laub, Board Vice-Chair
  • David Flood, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
  • Bert Zimmerli
  • Thomas Dee
  • Spencer Eccles
  • Cyndi Woodbury Gilbert
  • Brad Bonham
  • Nicole Mouskondis

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