Intermountain Healthcare considers the comfort and safety of our patients to be of utmost importance, and we have adopted the patient rights and responsibilities for the protection of our patients.

The physicians and staff of Intermountain's facilities are committed to provide quality healthcare and satisfaction, while maintaining the dignity of all patients.


Patient Rights

Intermountain has identified and adopted the patient rights to help promote quality care with satisfaction for patients, families, physicians, and staff, and it prohibits discrimination of these rights.


Patient Responsibilities

To further protect of our patients, Intermountain has identified certain responsibilities in support of quality care and creating a safe environment for all individuals in the hospital.


Speak Up

We invite you or your family to speak up, ask questions, and tell us if you have any concerns about your care.

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Non-discrimination and Accessibility

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to nondiscrimination and ensuring that individuals have meaningful and equal access to its health programs, benefits and activities.