Intermountain Healthcare has adopted the patient rights and responsibilities for the protection of our patients. Intermountain prohibits discrimination of these patient rights and responsibilities based on age, race, color, ethnicity or national origin, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, and/or the ability to pay.

For your personal safety, as a patient you have the responsibility to:

  • Follow instructions in support of quality care and a safe environment for all individuals in the hospital.
  • Support mutual consideration and respect by maintaining civil language and conduct with interactions among staff and licensed independent practitioners.
  • Cooperate, show respect and consideration to all persons providing your care.
  • Respect the property, comfort, and privacy of other patients.
  • Try to understand and follow instructions about your care and ask questions if you do not understand.
  • Provide correct and complete information about your health problems and medical history.
  • Pay for your care and to be cooperative in providing insurance information.
  • Tell the nurse of any medication you brought from home.
  • Accept responsibility for consequences following the decision to refuse treatment or instructions.