*NOTICE: For most conferences, there is a 9-12 month timeline for adequate marketing, planning, and execution.  Please take this into consideration when applying and thank you for understanding*

Intermountain Healthcare Interprofessional Continuing Education accredits and provides consultation for education designed for the care team of the physician, nurse, pharmacist and other healthcare providers.

New Intake Process for Accrediting Education

Intermountain IPCE is changing how we accredit and support educational activities. This new intake process will provide a more fair and equitable level of service for all of our customers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and we are committed to adding value to your educational activity with the ultimate aim to improve patient outcomes.

The steps below outline how to request accreditation and support for an educational activity:

  1. Fill Out Intake Form: After submitting your form, our office will be notified of a request to accredit upcoming education.

    Click the button on the right for a link to the electronic form.

  2. Meet with IPCE Partner: Upon reviewing your initial request, a lead IPCE partner will reach out to you to schedule a meeting. You’ll help the IPCE team member understand the needs and gaps that the educational activity will be designed to address. Additionally, you’ll discuss the intended outcomes you expect to see as a result of the educational activity.

  3. Pitch to Approval Committee: The lead IPCE partner then determines the scope of your request, and if appropriate, your request will move to the Education Review Committee (ERC). The lead IPCE partner will pitch to the committee why this education should be accredited and supported.

  4. Approval: The ERC will ultimately determine if the activity will be accepted or denied.

In order to maintain a high level of quality, the number of activities we can support is limited. If your activity is denied, we will work with you to assess if there is another format or another time in which your educational activity can be realized.