What is HerediGene®?

HerediGene: Population Study aims to study the genes of 500,000 participants to better predict and prevent serious diseases.

HerediGene is not currently open for new enrollments at this time. Please check back later for updates. Thank you!

What is DNA?

Think of DNA as your own genetic set of instructions. This genetic makeup tells your body how to function and gives you the characteristics that make you, you!

Why Study DNA?

Using genomics, our scientists analyze DNA to look for known disease-causing gene mutations. If these are present, it can often indicate a higher risk for related disease.

Why Participate?

By studying the genetic makeup of such a large group, we have the potential to make discoveries that may allow us to predict individuals' risk of disease and even prevent diseases from developing.

Who Can Join?

HerediGene is not currently open for new participants to join. Check back later for new updates!

Frequently Asked Questions