What to know about visiting a patient at an Intermountain facility

UPDATED: 3/15/2023

  • Hospital visitation hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and during business hours for clinic settings 7 days a week.
  • Four visitors per day are allowed in most patient rooms in the hospital.
  • Maximum number of visitors at the bedside is determined at the discretion of the care team. Some units and clinics may have more or less restrictive visitation policies based on limitations of unit/room size and vulnerable patients.
  • Visitors can be any age in most areas, but there are some exceptions for young children as described below.
  • Masks are optional in facilities. However, if you’re feeling sick, we strongly recommend you mask, sneeze or cough into your arm or elbow, and wash/sterilize your hands frequently. Also, some areas of the facility may still require masking because they care for vulnerable patients. The care team will inform you of precaution guidelines at their discretion.
  • If a visitor is sick, they should not visit unless seeking care for themselves. 
Visitation guidelines by clinical area Emergency Departments (EDs, also known as Emergency Rooms or ERs) 
  • Two visitors are allowed for patients in these areas. Visitation is more limited because of facility resources and patient treatments. More information will be made available upon arrival.
Critical Care (adult or ICU, pediatric or PICU, and neonatal or NICU)
  • Maximum number of visitors at one time at the bedside is two. Clergy does not count toward maximum.
  • Visitation hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • No children under 5 years old in the NICU.
  • Visitors may be required to wear a mask in the unit because of vulnerable patients. The care team will let you know.
Labor and Delivery
  • Four visitors per day are allowed. Siblings of baby allowed beyond the four-limit.
  • Hospital visitation hours are 24/7.
Mom/Baby Units
  • Four visitors per day are allowed. Siblings of baby allowed beyond the four-limit.
  • Visitation hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Pediatric (Kids) Units

  • Four visitors per day are allowed. Siblings of child allowed beyond the four-limit.
  • Visitation hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Behavioral Health (high-risk populations)

  • Visitors will be screened upon entry to determine if they’ve had a recent COVID positive test, exposure, or symptoms.
  • Check with the unit for visitation details as they may vary by location.

Intermountain clinics, InstaCares, and Primary Children’s outpatient clinics

  • Two people are permitted to accompany the patient.
  • Siblings allowed beyond the two-visitor limit.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

For additional guidance related to visitation, please call the specific location:

Stay Connected

Connect with your loved one with AmWell Now

We encourage family and friends to stay connected with the patient during their stay with us. If patients do not have their own devices to connect with loved ones, iPads will be provided to patients inorder to connect during their stay.

AmWell Now

AmWell Now is a software platform used by Intermountain Healthcare on Intermountain provided iPads that will allow patients to connect with loved ones. The software will send a link via text message or email.

  1. The invitation will appear with a link
  2. Click on the link to launch the program
  3. Enter your name and click, "Join Visit"


Thank You

Intermountain Healthcare appreciates your help in protecting our community from the transmission of COVID-19. We all hold an important public health responsibility in supporting the rules and recommendations set forth by the CDC, local health departments and healthcare organizations which include visitor guidelines in healthcare facilities. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor the risk of COVID-19 closely and will adjust our visitor guidelines as appropriate to keep our patients, visitors and caregivers safe. If you have a question about our visitation guidelines, please contact us.