Alta View Hospital is the launching pad for the newest, most effective technology available at Intermountain Healthcare. This frees our employees to spend more time with patients, increases patient safety, and improves the quality of healthcare.

Healthcare Transformed

We’ve partnered with the Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab to take tomorrow’s technology and apply it today. Together we’re developing the tools that all hospitals will be using in the future. These tools keep our patients safer, make our hospital more calming, and improve communication between all our team members. Most importantly, our technology gives patients more control over their care and experience.

Instant Updates

Software keeps nurses, doctors, and staff instantly informed about each patient’s location and status.

Bar Code Scanners

Using bar code scanners before giving a patient medication helps us guarantee the “Five Rights of Medication Administration”—the right medication, the right patient, the right time, the right route, the right dose.

Integrated Operating Rooms

Our ORs are fully integrated with Intermountain Healthcare’s world-renowned clinical information system. Physicians can see high-resolution clinical images in real time, and the staff talks with each other through hands-free, portable communication devices.

Safety and Security

We use the latest safety procedures in our Women and Newborn Unit, which allows us to instantly lock down the area to prevent issues. Only authorized staff members with specially coded badges have access to the unit. All visitors and non-authorized staff must be granted access by a clerk to enter the unit.

Free Wi-Fi

We offer free wireless internet service throughout the facility.

Medical Research

Our staff participates in research projects that hope to improve patient outcomes, create new technology, and solve medical mysteries.

Imaging Technology

Our hospital is home to some of the latest and most innovative imaging technology in the industry. From low-dose radiation equipment to the newest MRI and nuclear medicine imaging equipment, patients and physicians benefit from these advanced imaging technologies.