Speed Is a Priority

Our “door to doctor” times are among the shortest in the nation. We have streamlined emergency room processes to ensure the waiting room is seldom needed.

Experienced Team

All the emergency physicians at Alta View Hospital are specially trained and experienced in handling any kind of emergency — from cuts and sprains to more serious problems like heart attacks, strokes, trauma, and pediatric cases. All physicians have also practiced in Level I trauma hospitals, which handle the most serious emergent cases.

Our ER nurses are certified in adult and pediatric emergency care, and many have years of experience handling all kinds of emergencies.

Integrated System

Because we're part of Intermountain Healthcare, we have speedy access to all the advanced trauma, cardiology, and neurological services available at Intermountain Medical Center and Primary Children's Hospital. That means Alta View Hospital is your first choice for quick, convenient emergency service and care.

Emergency Room at Alta View Hospital

Alta View Hospital Emergency Department

Open today: 24 hours
Enter the campus from 9400 South. The emergency department is in building 3 on the northeast side of the building.