Our imaging department, sometimes called Radiology, offers a wide range of advanced diagnostic services to help us see what’s happening inside our patients — so that you can be diagnosed and treated quickly and accurately. Our staff includes board-certified radiologists, who interpret images with skill, as well as registered and licensed radiology technologists.

Registering for your exam 

We may contact you to pre-register for your exam. If you haven't received a pre-register phone call by two days before the exam, please call the pre-registration phone number. If you pre-register, you'll be able to fill out less paperwork and get to your exam sooner on the day of your appointment. 

If you have pre-registered, please arrive 10-15 minutes early and go directly to the Imaging Department. If you haven't pre-registered, arrive at least 20 minutes early and check in first at the registration desk before going to imaging. 

What to bring to your exam 

Be sure to bring your photo ID, your insurance card, and your co-payment. You can find out more about potential charges when you pre-register. 

To ensure efficiency, accuracy, and safety, please don’t bring children with you. Child care resources are not available. If a child comes with you, he or she must remain in the waiting room with an accompanying adult.



The Mammography Center at Alta View Hospital delivers the best possible breast screenings in a private, comforting setting.

Imaging Services at Alta View Hospital

Alta View Hospital Imaging Center

Located in the Outpatient Services entrance (bldg 5), on the SW part of our campus. Take the elevators to level 1 and check-in at the registration desk.