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Cassia Regional Hospital

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  • Laboratory and pathology

Our hospital lab provides timely information that can help with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Lab tests can reveal the presence or absence of infections, abnormalities, or imbalances in the body that may affect the patient’s health and well-being. Lab tests can also monitor your response to medications, therapies, or interventions. Lab services at a hospital are essential for ensuring quality health care and patient safety.

Our lab specialists provide fast, accurate and reliable test results 24/7, so you and your doctor can begin discussing a care plan without delay

What Sets Us Apart

Beyond lab results, we offer comprehensive health insights to guide your care with precision and accuracy.

Convenient locations

Access our lab services at convenient locations, ensuring hassle-free testing and timely results for your peace of mind

Advanced testing

We offer state-of-the-art lab testing options, delivering accurate results and cutting-edge diagnostics for optimal healthcare outcomes

Integrated Services

Our lab works with your care team to inform and monitor for the best health outcomes