Cassia Regional Medical Center’s team of leaders strives for excellence in the provision of healthcare services to the Mini-Cassia community.

Administrative Team

Rod Barton
(208) 677-6441

Michele Pond-Bell
Nurse Administrator
(208) 677-6471

Jeanette Wheeler
Quality, Risk, and Compliance Director
(208) 677-6525

Mark Christensen
Finance Director
(208) 677-6461

Brad Reynolds
Physician Clinics and Ancillary Services Director
(208) 677-6475

Keri Perrigot
Human Resources Director
(208) 677-6423

Laura Clark
Medical Staff Coordinator
Sr. Executive Secretary - Administration
(208) 677-6440

Mary Walton
Administrative Assistant to Jeanette Wheeler
(208) 677-6588

Mary Moon
Administrative Assistant to Michele Pond-Bell and Mark Christensen
(208) 677-6470

Governing Board

One of the strengths of Cassia Regional Medical Center is that local volunteers, known as the Governing Board, direct our facility. These trustees ensure that Cassia Regional Medical Center responds to the needs of the community. They are dedicated to Intermountain Healthcare's goal to provide low-cost, universal access and high-quality health care.

  • Rod Barton, Administrator
  • Bernard Boehmer, MD, Medical Director
  • Clay Handy, Board Chair
  • Susan Neibaur, Board Vice Chair
  • Terry Jeppson, MD, Board Member
  • Jeremy Haymore, MD, Board Member
  • Jeff Poulsen, Board Member
  • Delia Valdez, Board Member
  • Chris Ward, Board Member
  • Kelly Anthon, Board Member
  • Tim Henrickson, Board Member
  • Paul Christensen, Board Member