What Sets Us Apart

Cedar City Hospital is a full-service community hospital that routinely ranks as one of the top community hospitals in the country. This is due to the highest-quality, world-class care and services provided, along with the personal touch that comes from a superb hometown hospital. We feature the latest technology like telemedicine, which is the ability to video call specialist providers around the world to be able to evaluate, diagnose and treat our local patients. This makes it so our patients can save time and cost by staying close to home while still accessing the highest level of care. We also offer a state-of-the-art cancer center, cutting-edge immunology and cancer genomic programs, and immunology, which is helping fight cancer and disease by boosting one’s own body disease fighters, while genomics is able to better match cancer fighting drugs to the body’s genetic makeup. These, along with a robust surgical service program that offers nearly all surgical services, new imaging center, MRI care suite where you can watch TV while you get your MRI, Emergency Room, Women and Newborns department, Medical/Surgical floor, and more, is how Cedar City Hospital continues to ensure our community receives the very best in health care.

Our History

Iron County Hospital on 300 W

​The original hospital in Iron County was built in the late 1800s and was located across from what is now Southern Utah University on 300 West in Cedar City.

Iron County Hospital on Main

The hospital then moved in the early 1900s to the middle of downtown Cedar City, in the space where Bulloch Drug is today, and then moved once again, to where the Leavitt Group headquarters is now. It stayed there from 1922 to 1963, when it was determined a larger hospital needed to be built to accommodate the growing area.

Valley View Medical Center

Valley View Medical Center served the community well until 2003, when expanding services were needed along with a facility that was close to I-15. The new hospital was built in its current location, with a state-of-the-art cancer center added in 2006.

Work With Us

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Hospital Leadership

LynAnn Imlay

Governing Board Chair

Darin Adams

Governing Board Vice Chair

Eric Packer

Governing Board Administrator/Secretary

Clinton Duncan, MD

Credentials Chair

Kim Rowland, MD

Medical Director

Evan Vickers

Board Member

Jana Leavitt

Board Member

Dave Thayer

Foundation Chair

Alan Sanderson, MD

Medical Staff President

Kristie McMullin

Board Member

Lora Tom

Board Member

Michael Miller

Board Member

Emily Green

Board Member

Ava Chamberlain

Board Member​