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Pharmacy services

When you’re ready to leave the hospital, the last thing you want to do is drive to a pharmacy and wait in line. Our hospital pharmacies are fast, friendly and affordable. We offer extended hours, well-stocked medications and a variety of pharmacy services to meet your needs.

Our pharmacists will also take the time to make sure you understand what you are being prescribed and offer you education and support to manage your medications and avoid potential complications.

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The Intermountain Health App allows you to quickly request prescription refills online, access your health information, schedule appointments and view lab results.

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Inpatient pharmacy

Our inpatient pharmacy employs the latest technologies to ensure safe and accurate medications are delivered to patients throughout their hospital stay. Our pharmacists and certified staff members work directly with physicians and nurses to optimize drug therapy for every patient in the hospital. We are licensed with the state and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and inspected by the Joint Commission.

Specialty pharmacy

When you have a health condition that requires complex medications, you need a pharmacy that offers simple solutions. We are dedicated to your health and well-being and keeping the focus where it belongs – on keeping you healthy. As a patient of Intermountain Health at any of our care facilities, you have the advantage of making use of our specialty pharmacy services. This service provides personalized care including infusion services, self-injectables and specialized medications for cancer, as well as rheumatic conditions, infectious disease, transplant medicine, and more.

If you are prescribed a specialty medication, our team will help you navigate all aspects of your treatment, including benefits, costs, refills and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our pharmacy services

Intermountain Health Providers trust Pharmacy Services with their most complex medication and prescription needs. Intermountain Health Pharmacists are available for counseling on all patient prescriptions. They will advise patients on drug interactions and make recommendations on over-the-counter drugs and vitamins to get the most out of the patient’s medication therapy. Please contact your provider or your pharmacy directly for any consultation needs. Our outpatient pharmacies have a Pharmacist on staff during all business hours.

Please stop by our pharmacies or call to speak to one of our pharmacists about your medication concerns.

This is a unique service that our pharmacy is offering in partnership with your Intermountain Provider. Instead of making numerous trips to the pharmacy to pick up your monthly medications, let us synchronize them for one date. Then you can choose to come in and pick them up or have them delivered to your home/office at no additional cost to you. You will no longer be spending time running to the drug store, but will have the ability to organize your medications with one of our trained pharmacy staff once a month.

Call our pharmacy to obtain more information and enroll in this valuable program today.

Our pharmacies can provide you with an immunization review and administer immunizations recommended by your Intermountain Health provider. Our trained pharmacists will also communicate with your provider for seamless, individual care.

Call your Intermountain Provider or Pharmacy to inquire about services.

We have safe medication receptacles that allow unused household medications to be disposed of in a safe, secure, convenient, and responsible manner. Just bring your unused medications and drop them into the bin. We will ensure that the medications are disposed of properly, relieving you from having to worry about it.

Please call our pharmacies with any questions or concerns.

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