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Birth Center of Denver

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  • Childbirth care
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Birth of Your Baby

As the time of your birth draws near, we may have more frequent contact with you and may include additional private prenatal visits as your baby’s debut becomes more imminent. We stay on call 24-hours a day and will discuss the process of coming to Birth Center of Denver in active labor. A midwife and a nurse will meet you at the center and get you settled in one of our five spacious and comfortable birth suites.

During labor we will monitor your vital signs, check on your baby's well-being, and support you in the ways you desire. The following are just some of the supportive methods we offer:

  • Hydrotherapy and water birth
  • Birth balls and birth slings
  • TENS units and massage tools
  • Optimal positioning and freedom of movement
  • Encouragement to eat and drink during labor
  • Consistent support in a calming environment
  • Nitrous Oxide

You are encouraged to have whatever support team you would like including your partner, doula, family, and even siblings. If you do have siblings that want to be present for the labor and/or birth, we do require that they have their own primary support adult, separate from your primary support person. Children tend to get bored, scared, tired, and hungry throughout labor so someone dedicated to only their needs is necessary.

It’s also important to have another adult responsible for your children if you need to transfer to the hospital for a higher level of care due to medical complications that may arise. If something unexpected comes up and a higher level of medical care is ever necessary, Colorado’s top baby hospital is right in our backyard.

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Kelly R. Galbraith, CNM


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