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Birth Center of Denver

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After baby is born

After the birth we will continue to carefully monitor you and your baby as you adjust in the immediate postpartum period. We will give your baby a thorough newborn exam by your side and share our findings with you. We will support you and your baby for breastfeeding success while honoring your family's need for bonding and privacy. In many cases, one of our midwives or nurses will visit and provide assessment and support in the comfort of your home 1-2 days after the birth. During this time we will check in on your new family, see how you are feeling, how your baby is doing, and if you have any special needs or questions during this unique adjustment. We will talk about continued care of the infant and mom, discuss necessary follow-up appointments with care providers such as your baby’s pediatrician, and offer additional resources as needed. We also will have you return to see a midwife for a six-week postpartum visit and we have a variety of events and support groups to help you stay confident.

Payment Options

We accept the majority of insurance plans including Kaiser Permanente, Medicaid, and most private insurance coverage. We do not accept TriCare. Giving birth at Birth Center of Denver is typically less costly than a vaginal birth in a hospital setting, which may be helpful for large deductible plans and self-pay families. We will discuss financial questions or concerns before or during your initial prenatal visit. Our education classes and any optional events and services are out of pocket expenses and are non-billable to insurance. We do have payment options, but require payment in full before the first class. For additional information regarding our relationship with insurance or financial topics, please talk to any Birth Center staff.