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Do you want more time with your nurse-midwife during your prenatal visits?
Do you want to meet and connect with other expecting moms who are due in the same month as you?
Do you want more in-depth information about pregnancy and birth?
Do you want to know your prenatal visit schedule for the remainder of your pregnancy?

Centering Pregnancy™ is a group-based approach to prenatal care that combines your belly check with time for discussion and learning about pregnancy, birth and babies. Through this unique model of prenatal care, you are empowered to choose healthy behaviors. Women report that when they hear other women share their experiences, they feel more at ease.

Your first few prenatal visits with us will consist of the traditional one-on-one care with our nurse-midwives. Centering Pregnancy group prenatal care begins when you are in your second trimester, and continues throughout your pregnancy. Groups consist of 10-12 women and their support person who will all have their babies around the same time. During Centering, you will meet with the same nurse-midwife and other group participants for two hours, at regularly scheduled visits during your pregnancy

A Centering Pregnancy group session consists of:

  • A brief belly check and listening to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Taking your own weight, blood pressure and temperature
  • Social time to talk to other moms and support people while you enjoy snacks and refreshments
  • Time to talk with your nurse-midwife and other moms about focused topics such as nutrition, exercise, birth, breastfeeding and more!

Benefits of Centering Pregnancy Groups:

  • Mothers-to-be have an opportunity to meet other pregnant women and their partners to make new friends
  • Centering groups often allow mothers and partners to spend more time with their midwife
  • Centering Pregnancy allows mothers and families to be more active in their prenatal care
  • Improved health outcomes for pregnancies, specifically an increase in birth weights and a decrease in preterm delivery rates

What Mothers and Their Partners are Saying About Centering Pregnancy?

  • “Cause when you get to know everybody you get to care about everybody”
  • “It was fun meeting new people and listening to what they felt about being pregnant”
  • “Somebody shared the same problem you had and you thought you were the only one and you’d come to group and say ‘Oh, we have the same problem’.”
  • “I felt prepared to care for the baby – that was the strongest part”

Frequently Asked Questions About Centering Pregnancy

  • What is the schedule for the group?
    There are 10 sessions lasting 2 hours each that are scheduled throughout your pregnancy. You will begin between 16-20 weeks. The first 2 sessions are one month apart and the remainder are every 2 weeks. After 36 weeks, you will have an individual visit with the nurse-midwife in between the 2 week sessions.
  • What will we do in the group?
    Each of these sessions will provide time for your individual belly check and listening to your baby’s heartbeat, discussion about pregnancy, birth, new babies and time to share with the other women. The sessions will be led by the same Certified Nurse-Midwife and a co-facilitator for your entire group. Sometimes there will be a guest speaker; sometimes we’ll watch a video, but mostly it will be time for us to talk together about topics of interest related to you and your family.
  • Who can come to the group?
    Your partner or other support person is welcome to attend with you. We ask that you only bring 1 support person to each session. Please do not bring your other children because we don’t offer childcare. We hope that as a part of this group you will get to know other pregnant women well and will be able to share some of your experiences. Often friendships develop and continue for a long time.
  • What are the advantages of joining the Centering groups?
    • No waiting! You don’t have to wait to check in, sit in the waiting room or wait to see the Nurse-Midwife. We always start group on time and end on time.
    • You will be able to see the same midwife throughout most of your pregnancy.
    • You will have more time than traditional care with your midwife for asking questions in a non-rushed manner. The amount of information you receive in Centering Pregnancy can be more in-depth than traditional care due to the efficiency of your time.
    • You have the opportunity to put the dates for your group on your calendar for the remainder of your pregnancy. Having set dates and times to meet for the entirety of your pregnancy allows for easier scheduling with work, school, and/or childcare.
    • We are excited about this program. It combines the three important parts of your prenatal care: assessment, education, and support into one experience. This means that you won’t have to come for separate, individual visits unless you have a medical problem that needs close watching. All of your time spent here will be productive.
  • What if I am too shy to speak in a group?
    Perfect! Centering is actually the best setting for you. Other women will bring up questions that you might be too shy to ask. They will also ask questions that you didn’t even know you had. The group has the same women and their support people for the entire 10 sessions. You will learn to know and trust these women and their support people as well as your group facilitators. We encourage you to join the group experience. If you don’t feel comfortable once you have started the group program, you can let us know and we will arrange for you to receive the more traditional care.
  • Do I have to pay extra to join Centering Pregnancy?
    No. There is no additional cost to join a Centering Pregnancy group. It’s all covered by insurance because this becomes your prenatal visit. You just get the added time and education from this amazing group setting!

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