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Platte Valley Hospital

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Wound Care, Hyperbaric Therapy, & Vascular Care at Platte Valley Hospital

  • wound care and hyperbaric medicine

Helping chronic wounds heal faster to improve quality of life 

Approximately 8 million people in the U.S. live with chronic wounds, more than the number of people with breast, colon and lung cancers combined. These wounds, which persist and won’t heal, often are caused by diseases like diabetes that affect blood circulation. Chronic wounds also may occur in people who use wheelchairs or are bedridden.

Our wound care team includes a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, wound care specialty nurses, and other experts. We provide advanced treatments to accelerate healing and manage troublesome wounds.

Advanced Wound Healing & Vascular Care

Patients living with cardiovascular disease may be at risk for chronic or non-healing wounds. Inversely, patients with chronic wounds may also have cardiovascular risk factors such as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), venous insufficiency, or diabetes.  

Platte Valley Medical Center is the only hospital in northeast Denver that offers the most advanced methods for treating chronic and non-healing wounds, including our outpatient Wound Center with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and a state-of-the-art Catheterization Lab. Our facility allows patients who have vascular or arterial wounds, diabetic or venous ulcers, painful varicose veins, infections, and other slow-healing wounds to receive care in one, convenient location. 

As leaders in both wound and vascular care, Platte Valley Hospital and Healogics offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to providing a one-stop-shop for patients to receive the necessary care in the treatment and management of complex wounds. 

Advanced Wound Center Services 

  • Specialized care to increase healing rates, reduce time to heal, and significantly lower amputation risk
  • Inpatient and outpatient wound consultation, evaluation, diagnostic and ongoing assessments and treatment
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Compression therapy
  • Treatment of wound infections
  • Pressure off-loading devices and footwear
  • Debridement of unhealthy tissue
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Bio-engineered skin substitutes 

Expert Vascular Services 

  • Board-certified and fellowship-trained providers, focused on managing symptoms and slowing progression of vascular conditions in partnership with patient’s multidisciplinary team
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services including ankle brachial index/pulse volume recordings and segmental pressures, plethysmography, transcutaneous oximetry, ultrasound, CT angiography, MR angiography, and peripheral angiography
  • Peripheral angiography with angioplasty, stenting, intravascular lithotripsy, atherectomy for claudication or critical limb ischemia
  • Treatment of varicose veins and venous reflux associated with wounds (Vein Ablation)
  • Non-invasive vascular studies

    To make a referral, call or fax orders directly to:  P: 303-498-3030 | F: 303-498-3029 
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